Resources for CPA Firms

Higher Net Worth families and Business Owners want a team to help simplify their financial lives, as well as provide customized independent solutions.  

As a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we provide non-bias, independent advice.  And as a Fiduciary, by law we must act in our clients’ best interest whereas the larger wirehouse brokerage firms don't. 

We work with CPAs every day and support their member organizations in a variety of ways, including speaking at MICPA events, providing relevant thought leadership and serving on planning committees.

Advisory areas we often collaborate with CPAs include but are not limited to: Designing Retirement Plans for Closely Held Businesses, Selling a Business, Estate Planning and Insurance.

For the CPA firms that don’t have an in-house financial planning group, we are able to provide a virtual financial planning team, so those CPA firms can better compete

CPA Tools<br/>

CPA Tools

Our tools will assist CPAs in serving their clients

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<h2 data-section-id="1" data-box-id="2" data-box-type="title">Financial Planning for CPAs</h2>

Financial Planning for CPAs

Our CPA Financial Planning thought leadership has been curated with the intention of explaining the benefits and basics of financial planning

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<h2 data-section-id="1" data-box-id="3" data-box-type="title">Monthly Newsletter for CPAs</h2>

Monthly Newsletter for CPAs

We present financial planning news and updates to help CPAs guide their clients

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