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Our exclusive content for CPAs this month includes an article from our Melone Private Wealth Newsroom.  We also invite you to listen to our newest podcast episode: Behavior and Your Retirement.

GHOST VS. 5-YEAR: The Calendar Dictates

Ever since the SECURE Act created a 10-year payout rule for most IRA beneficiaries, that topic has garnered the bulk of conversation. This is understandable. Not only was the 10-year rule a brand-new payout structure, but questions swirling around application of the 10-year window remain unsettled.  

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Melone Private Wealth Newsroom<br/>

Melone Private Wealth Newsroom

We monitor IRS activities, regulations, and updates regarding qualified plans for individuals and business owners. 

2023 Retirement Plan Comparison Chart

2023 Retirement Plan Comparison Chart

This handy guide can help you narrow the focus and zero in on a retirement plan that could work for your clients in 2023. Because of the complexities involved with qualified retirement plans, always consult your legal or tax advisor to be sure you are complying with the rules.  Please note: Updates coming from Secure Act 2.0

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2023's Retirement Plans for Closely Held Businesses: A Business Owner's/CPA's Reference Guide

2023's Retirement Plans for Closely Held Businesses: A Business Owner's/CPA's Reference Guide

This whitepaper is a guide for you and your clients.  

It will help in determining which plan is most appropriate for your client's situation and items to be reviewed.

Click here for 2023's Types of Retirement Plans for Closely Held Businesses Guide, Courtesy of Melone Private Wealth

What's your Client's Risk Number?<br/>

What's your Client's Risk Number?

Riskalyze is a cutting edge technology that identifies your acceptable levels of risk and reward.

The old way of assessing risk- stereotyping investors with subjective semantics, (aggressive, moderate, conservative) simply doesn’t work.

Answer a 5-minute questionnaire that covers topics such as portfolio size, top financial goals, and what you're willing to risk for potential gains.

Melone Private Wealth Financial Planning Tool<br/>

Melone Private Wealth Financial Planning Tool

As Warren Buffet once said, "When the tide goes out, you find out who was swimming without shorts."

When markets turn as volatile and confusing as they have in the past, even patient investors may come to question the wisdom of the investment plan they've been following. 

Try our financial planning tool to learn about choices you may have made and choices you should consider making.

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Decision Tree Flowcharts

Decision Tree Flowcharts

Flowcharts that help you quickly and easily analyze the most common planning strategies available to your clients.

Categories include:

  • General Tax
  • Mortgage & Auto Debt
  • IRA & Roth IRA
  • Retirement Plans for Businesses
  • Social Security, Medicare, Health Insurance
  • Student Loan 529 HSA

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Unpack Your Financial Baggage: Conversations with Lou Melone CFP®

Episode 6: Behavior and Your Retirement <br/>

Episode 6: Behavior and Your Retirement

In the world of behavioral finance, there are common mistakes people make that can impact their financial well-being. Episode six explores nine key behaviors that often lead individuals down the wrong path in their financial decision-making.

These behaviors can be seen as the "nightmare" of mistakes, as they have the potential to wreak havoc on your financial future.  Branden Carney, CFP® and Lou Melone, CFP® of Melone Private Wealth join RJ King of DBusiness Magazine to discuss.

This financial planning podcast helps answer a fundamental two part question ‘will you outlive your money, or will your money outlive you? …And the answer comes down to having a plan and understanding behavioral investing.

Unpack Your Financial Baggage

Unpack Your Financial Baggage

In his new book, Lou Melone, CFP outlines how you (or a client) can employ the principles and practices of financial planning to acquire long-term wealth for both family and those you cherish most.

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CPA Resources

CPA Resources

Financial Planning Content for CPAs

Financial Planning Content for CPAs

Our goal is to give CPAs information that will allow them to speak with clients about their retirement goals and how a financial plan will benefit them. 

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CPA Tools <br/>

CPA Tools

Our tools will assist CPAs in serving their clients

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Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

5 Things Retirees Say They Wish They Were Told Before They Began Retirement, with Lou Melone

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Authority Magazine

Authority Magazine

The 5 Essentials of Smart Investing: With Lou Melone of Budd, Melone & Company, An Interview With Jason Hartman

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